The beginning…where do I start?

The beginning started about a year ago…long before we had actually made the decision to move to Knoxville.  We knew that if we moved, we would want something that neared “our dream” home.  So we took to the internet to start learning about the area.  I found city-data forums extremely helpful.  They provide statistics about towns and cities such as population,  median household income, median home prices, and climate.  What I liked best were all of the forums people could ask specific questions about certain neighborhoods and finding jobs.

So after researching locations in Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Tennessee, we chose Knoxville – specifically the Hardin Valley area (it really wasn’t that simple – choosing a place to live could be a whole separate blog).

Once we got a handle on the area we wanted to be in, we looked at current homes to sale.  We found plenty of homes in our price range, but the style was way too traditional for us.  I was later told that there is a certain style of home that is prevalent down here…they call it the “Knox Box”….and it just isn’t our vibe.   We considered renovating an older mid century modern home, but there just are many in the area we wanted to be in.  So we started to think about building.

Knoxville is in the middle of a building boom right now.  Which means developers are snatching up land at a furious pace, leaving few options for individuals who want to build.  It also means that land prices are at a premium.  We took a few trips down to look at land that was for sale, try to understand if the land could actually be used to build a home and find the perfect location.  The plan to build a home rather than buy was beginning to take shape.


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