FINALLY! Starting to dig!

We knew our builder was ready to go once we signed a contract, but what we didn’t know was how long it would actually take to start construction.  We were told the excavator would be out at the beginning of April 2017 to start digging out the basement.  Due to rain and other unknown circumstances, he didn’t come until 2 WEEKS LATER!  Every delay seems like a lifetime, but we know it is out of our hands.

On April 19th, 2017 we broke ground!  I have never in my life been so interested in how people move dirt.  I find myself wanting to see every incremental (and minute) change.  They had been leveling out lot and spray painted the foot print, but it wasn’t until the basement was dug out that the floor plan became more concrete (not actually concrete….we’re still waiting for that to happen).

When we moved down to Tennessee, we chose an apartment that would be in our desired school zone and fairly close to the land.  I didn’t know then how important it would be to be close to the building site.  We are there nearly everyday and it is only a quick detour from other errands.  It is always exciting to see what new work is going on!

We met with out builder just before they broke ground and he gave us some homework….rather a gigantic list of vendors and suppliers to go see.  We need to start picking out siding, stone, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, counter tops, tile, windows, doors…the list does continue.  Each one of these is a different appointment with a different person at a different location.  The list is daunting, to say the least!  While hammering out the floor plan and general exterior elevations was work, this is a whole new level.

I’ll let you in on my process for finding inspiration and actual sources for interior and exterior finishes in my next post.


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