Inspiration….or should I say PINspiration!

When we first started thinking about building a home, I immediately went to Pintrest.  As excited as I was to pick out furniture and dream kitchens, I had to start with a floor plan.  There are soooooo many floor plans out there and I feel like I have looked at every single one that is even remotely close to what I wanted.


I don’t know if I started with a specific style in mind or it came to me after awhile.  I do know that I love Mid-Century modern homes and furniture, but I also know that I didn’t feel that I could live in a home that was strictly Mid Mod.  I also love Scandinavian design (think IKEA).  I love modern farm houses and rustic industrial.  I’m not in love with completely modern or contemporary…it seems too cold to me.  So after being obsessed with the exterior and not being able to find my exact style, I focused on a wish list for the floor plan.


This was one of the many mind maps I use to help me keep focused on the important things.  For me, it is all about how I feel at a home.  I don’ know if it is my introverted-ness or how I interact with my physical environment because I am an artist, but these qualities are key for me.  I NEED lots of natural light, I would love a home that helps keep our family organized, I value well-designed spaces that make sense and are efficient, separate living areas for kids to play and two different t.v areas, I want the feeling of being open to the outdoors and I desperately want those clean lines found in Mid-Century modern homes.

Our other practical requirements due the size of our family and our budget were:  3-4 bedrooms, 2,000-2,500 (plus a basement), 2-3 car garage, and 2+ bathrooms.  With those numbers and the wish list, I once again took to the internet to find a floor plan.  Here is the list of additional features which evolved from my wish list:

  1. Entry from the garage into the laundry room, then the master closet
  2. A clearstory of windows to let that natural light in
  3. NO formal dining room (just a wasted room for us)
  4. Decks or patio to watch the sunset
  5. 3 separate living areas (kids, tv, art/tv room) – not so open
  6. Modern or contemporary style

All the floor plans I found were not quite right.  I could find exteriors that were spot on, but the floor plan would fall short.  Initially, I wanted a ranch, but found we could get more bang for our buck if we went with a two story – so I added the “master on main” criteria to the search.  Still no luck!

I enlisted the help of my sister who is an interior designer.  I sketched up a rough floor plan  – totally not to scale –  and had her architect friend draw up a plan for me.  The exterior looked like this and the interior had a good 1 story floor plan.  I was in love.  This was definitely on track!





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