Floor Plan & Exterior Elevations

The first attempt at a floor plan was a ranch.  At this point in the design process, I thought we would be able to fit everything we wanted into a compact design (less square footage) and still stay in budget.  This design had the girls’ bedrooms right by the entry from the garage so they could go directly to their rooms.  This allowed them put away their shoes, coats and backpacks right when they get home…hopefully creating a more organized flow.  Also close to the garage entry is a laundry room with passage into the master closet…again creating a more organized flow for us.  One thing I loved about this plan was the hearth room or sitting room right off the kitchen that could be closed off from the other living area.C:Usersannie.eglerDocumentstempAnnie'ssister-FloorPlan-firs

However, this plan is missing an office that I could use as an art room on the first floor, a play area for the girls, and the dining area seemed just a bit too tight.  I realized that we needed more square footage and in order to stay in budget, we would need to add a second floor or finish the basement.

At this point, we realized that hiring an architect here in Knoxville was probably the best thing for us.  We got a recommendation from a home builder and contacted a local architect.  We met with her and she seemed to ‘get’ us.  Keep in mind, this modern style is a pretty big deviation from the standard Knoxville style home (although there are many hip, modern business around).

I’ll spare you the details, but over a 2 month time period, a couple meetings and many emails back and forth, we ended up with the following floor plan (1st floor on the left, 2nd floor on the right, unfinished basement not pictured):

Here it is!  2,578 square feet above grade, partially exposed basement 1,275 square feet, two car garage, covered deck in the rear.

I’ve said all along that I have problems visualizing the volumes of the space – I have little capacity to imagine how the spaces will feel on the interior, but I felt like I could get a start with one of the exterior elevations.  Here is my attempt:


And here are the architect’s final drawings….ignore the clouds in the drawings….they were changes we made at the very end.

Working with a local architect was a process (some good, some bad and I’m not going into it here).  However, if you want to know more details about the design process with the architect, please email me (lwoodyatt@gmail.com)!  This was uncharted territory for me and I definitely learned some things!

So finally, after more than 2 months of working with the architect, we had drawings that we could give to builders and get a quote!  We could move onto the next phase!


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